• Post & rail
  • Gal or black pipe
  • Custom made gates
  • Slip rail
  • Round yards
  • Timber gates
  • Paling
  • Arenas
  • Chain wire gates
  • Koppers logs
  • Chain wire
  • Timber retaining
  • Split posts
  • Barb & plains
  • Pull down existing
  • Square hardwood
  • Dog wire
  • Your timber cut
  • Rounds
  • Security
  • Supply & install
  • Slat screens
  • Post ramming
  • Install only





Treated Pine

  • 150mm x pine log posts & top rail, gal chain

  • 150mm pine log posts & 2 rails

  • 150mm pine log posts, 3x 125x38 rails, hinge joint

  • 125mm pine log posts & 2x125.38 h/wood rails

  • 125mm pine log posts & top rail & gal chain

  • 150mm pine log posts & 2 rails, black chain

  • 125 pine log post, top 125x38 hardwood rail, gal chain, wire on outside, 1.5m high

  • 125mm pine log post, 125x38 hardwood top rail, gal chain, wire on inside, 1.5m high

  • 200x100 pine sleeper post with 200x50 pine sleeper top and bottom rail and black chain wire

  • Painted 125mm pine log posts & top rail, hinge joint x 1.5m high

  • Colonial top paling shaped fence

  • Standard paling fence

Treated Hardwood Posts

  • 100x100 h/wood posts, 3 x 125x38 h/wood rails, hinge joint

  • 100x100 h/wood posts left above top 125x38 h/wood rail, black chain

  • 100x100 h/wood posts, box stay with pine log, hinge joint

  • 100x100 h/wood posts, gal chain

  • 100x100 h/wood posts, 2x125x38 rails, gal chain

  • 100x100 posts, top125x38 rail, 2 plains, round post strainer

  • 200x75 posts, top & bottom 200x50 rails, black chain

  • 200x100 posts, 2x200x50 rails "slip railed"

  • 100x100 h/wood posts, top 125x38 h/wood rail, gal chain

  • 100x100 posts, 125x38 top and bottom rail all chamfered, black chain

  • 100x100 post, 125x38 top and bottom rail, all chamfered, colorbond infill

  • 100x100 posts, 3x125x38 rails, painted

  • 125x125 posts with 3 x 125x38 rails, all chamfered edges

  • 100x100 post, 125x38 top and bottom rail, hinge joint on inside

  • 100x100 post 125x38 top and bottom rail, hinge joint on outside

  • 200x200 posts with 150x138 rails and black chain wire

  • 100x100 intermediate hardwood posts, two 125x38 hardwood rails, black chain, 1.5m high

  • 100x100 h/wood posts, 2x125x38 h/wood rails, 100x50 field fence

Rounds and Split Posts

  • Split post, top cattle rail, 3 plains

  • Round posts, 2 sleepers "slip railed"

  • Round post feature entry

  • Round posts 2x125x38 rails "tied on"

  • Split post with gal chain wire

Slat Fences

  • Merbau slat fence - 5mm gap

  • Merbau slat fence - 5mm gap, stained

  • Merbau slat fence - 25mm gap

Round Yards

  • 150mm pine log, 125x38 rail round yard using rubber belt

  • Cattle ramp

  • Roundpost & 3x125x38 rail round yard

Steel Posts

  • 40NB black pipe posts & double rail, black

  • Security style fencing

  • 100x100 steel posts, 3x150x38 h/wood rails

  • 1 x125mm pinelog post, 2 x black star picket, 12 strand field fence wire

  • Gal starpickets, 4 barbs


  • Custom made gates

  • Single mesh gate

  • Mesh gate

  • Custom timber gates with black chain wire

  • Raked black chain wire gate

  • Raked gal chain wire gate

  • Double chain wire gates, 1.5m high

  • 900 high double timber custom gates


  • Fencing Slopes



ABOUT US: Straight Up Fencing is run by Jimboomba husband and wife team Jim and Deb Kennedy. They have lived in the area for over 20 years. Jim grew up fencing and working the cattle property he lived on in the Scenic Rim area and has been contract fencing locally for the last 14 years, so is well advised and experienced with the varying surrounding terrains and fencing requirements for your individual situation. Care and pride is taken with every job done, so not only will your fence be serviceable, it will look good too!

IS YOUR CONTRACTOR LICENCED?: Laws require any domestic work over $3300 and $27500 for agricultural purposes, must be carried out by a current QBCC licenced holder. We are fully licenced and insured.

WHAT STYLE?: Cattle, horses, dogs, kids – whatever you are trying to keep in or out, Jim can advise the most suitable option for you: basic star picket with plain or barbed wires, timber or steel posts, with or without top rail, two or three rails, hinge joint, stiff stay and chain wire, timber paling, timber retaining walls, round yards, arenas and loading ramps are all various options Jim is experienced with in erecting. Visit our gallery for some examples. These many options, can often be done at different heights and using different sized or grades of materials. Combined with varying terrain, overall meterage, length of runs, gates and access, “per metre rates” are not generally available or applicable, so each job is quoted as per your requirements.

CONCRETING VS RAMMED: A common misconception is that concreting “is tighter” or “lasts longer” than ramming timber posts. When a post is rammed, a small hole is bored into the ground first before the post is hit in, resulting in a post that is extremely firm in the ground, eliminating the need and expense to concrete. Stock fencing and all strainer/gate posts require longer posts and will go deeper into the ground for extra strength. Water can get trapped between the post and concrete, causing rot or early decay, whereas it will soak into the surrounding earth when rammed. Some soil types will shrink and swell quite significantly depending on prolonged weather patterns, causing your posts to move whether they have been concreted or not, rammed posts can generally be re-rammed and pushed straight again, concreted posts are not so successful. Ramming often means we can get straight onto the next stage of building your fence, rather than waiting until the next day for the concrete to set. While some applications require posts to be concreted, wherever possible we allow or suggest ramming.

NEIGHBOURS: If you would like to share the cost with your neighbour, you will need to confirm a style and price with your neighbour before starting. More information regarding the correct procedure can be found at – where you can also download a form called “Notice to Contribute for Fencing Work” so that everything is in writing if required.

GETTING A QUOTE: If you have your measurements and your requirements are straightforward, call Deb on 0400034347 and a quote can be worked out for you, subject to site inspection. Otherwise, a time can be arranged for Jim to meet onsite to discuss your options. A written quote will be sent through, usually within a couple of days, for your consideration. Should you wish to proceed, a deposit with signed acceptance will be required before a job can be booked in. Remember to allow plenty of time – our lead times can vary from 4 weeks to over 4 months with the average being around 3 months. Quotes are free with no sales pressure!